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  1. coder90t

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    Can you comprehend with what you take?
    Can you live with the people you rape?
    When you’re in bars there is no escape
    And you realize the consequences and find out what you did was no mistake.

    I now how it feels, you gave me my hate
    I can’t change now, it’s too late
    The scars on me, carved into my face
    And all I’ve ever wanted is to get away

    How do you murder what you create?
    How does it feel to always stay awake?
    Now that you’re in hell you see
    We share the same pain equally.

    I don’t mind being your broken wing
    I don’t mind if I took away everything
    I want you to hurt I want you to sting
    I might be in your nightmares and dreams
    But you’re in mine too.

    Can you comprehend with the feeling of the blade against your face?
    How does it feel to live in pain?
    How does it feel now that you’re the one to bleed?
    But you will now see us three are all equally
    Nothing special
  2. Petal

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    Intense..i can almost feel the words, i like it!
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