nothing to look forward to that I deserve.

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    I've tried "letting it out" a couple times online and a big problem is that I'm unemployed and people are like you can do it! just get a job! but I live in a semi-remote area and have little to no skills as well as being very probably autistic and having an anxiety problem. I keep seeing people online talking about how my generation are so lazy and entitled and I'm such a perfect example. I just want to be able to live my life in semi-comfort but I know I'm just a financial drain with nothing to contribute and I'll just be poor for the rest of my life, my parents aren't wealthy and they pay for all my things out of obligation and it's just such a waste. I was supposed to go to university but didn't want to get in all that debt and now it's like I've been left behind with no idea what to do. I can't handle anything and this country doesn't like supporting people with welfare and such. I can't hurt my parents by killing myself but there's just no point in me being alive when I'll just hate myself and not achieve anything for the rest of my life.

    I have passions and things I enjoy but I don't deserve the charmed life of sitting and having fun all day doing nothing while my parent s worry about money. I hate myself so much.
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    *hugs* I am sorry you feel this way, and I'm sorry it's difficult to get a job. I know what's that like.
    I don't think you're lazy, getting jobs is so difficult. But have you considered starting small? Mowing lawns and such things, small jobs? just to help you save a little bit?

    Don't give up on yourself, you are important! Do things you like to do, you do deserve that. You can't concentrate on finding jobs if you're this low and having these issues with you as well. Work on you first, then work on finding a job when you feel better.