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nothing to serious

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my age really doesn't have much to do with this matter though i guess i will tell you im 18 just for introduction purposes, and im sure you can guess my name by my handle.

none the less, im more depressed now than ive ever been before, i havent actually be happy in about a month, and everything i try to do to improve my standards only gets me worse

everything ive loved in life ive been horrible at or just couldnt do right. I played soccer ever since i was 3 and never started my entire senior year, hardly got playing time for that matter

running which i was really good at, (was number 2 on our cross country team, and was getting pretty close to 2nd on our track team) has been fucked up, because as of recently its been discovered that i have some sort of thing wrong with my lungs. this in turn has cause me to let my team down and lose the one good sport/activity i was truly gifted at, and the worse thing about it is there was nothing i could do. my lungs are still messed up on account of the fact the doctors at the hospital ive been going to cant figure out what it is specifically thats wrong with me.

ill spare some of the details or whatever for the moment... i just think i need someone to talk to if anyone is willing
Im willing if you need it, and Im only a pm away :smile: If you cant do sports any more and it feels like the end of the world, trust me when I say it isnt. I know its hard to accept that, Im a total stranger after all, but the human body is capable of many things we have no idea of. If youre talented in one area and you lose that, then there are several other areas of life you will excell at, you just need to discover them. The world is full of opportunities for you now, and taking yourself out of it at this time will deprive yourself of ever finding that out. Hang in there.
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