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I honestly feel like medication and therapy don't work! My medicine just makes me feel sleepy and tired, I guess I'm not happy with it because I expect them to make me feel...happy. Commercials about medicine made me think they would change my demeanor or change how I felt but I was wrong, so I'm just like wtf are they for if They don't make me happy while taking them and they don't completely stop my anxiety or depression?! Therapy makes me feel like shit whenever I go, talking about my problems don't change anything so what's the point? I'm still living my shitty life and nothing changes so how can the medicine help? Recently I talked to my doctor about the word coping and I said it sounds like a fancy way of saying you'll always hate what makes you uncomfortable but try to hate it just less enough to force yourself to do it everyday while trying not to get even more depressed . I feel like she agreed because she had no kind of counter argument. So basically that's what it's like in therapy, I ask hard hitting questions and they have no answers to them so basically, I'm fucked is what they should say! I even asked if I'm ever going to get free of mental illness and if I'll ever not need medicine and not panic because of social anxiety and I got a straight up answer of no because there's no cure! it was from a different therapist but still. I guess I was a fool to think I'd be as bright and sunny as they make it seem in the commercials when they advertise medicine. I'll always wanna kill myself and be the loser person who can't even work or drive because of social anxiety


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Big pharma is all about their bottom line (I sound so cynical!!), they don't care about the little people taking their pills. Commercials are all lies designed to sway people to purchase their product.

I resisted antidepressants as long as I could and then chose one that had been around for awhile so I wasn't a test subject. Just because the FDA approves it for use doesn't mean they know all the affects it will have on the people who end up taking it.

I wish I had some encouraging words but right now I feel the same as you. I've struggled my whole life with this. I have children your age. Two seem ok but my youngest is struggling with depression and social anxiety too. :(

I feel bad for posting such a negative answer, so I will say exercise does lift my mood. Music helps. Knowing others struggle helps, in some sick way; I guess it's knowing I'm not alone. Figuring out what happened in my early life that made me hate myself has helped. As far as long term recovery, I hope someone else will post something that will help.

That's all I've got today. I'm sorry!:(
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Hi there, I feel your pain. I have suffered from severe anxiety since I was around 12 and to be honest it is a huge battle, one I will never stop fighting though.

We don't have drug commercials here so I don't know about that but I can tell you that it can get easier, yes, even if you DO hate it. Slowly from hating it to making it tolerable to getting yourself out there without a bother is a huge, huge, huge task but I am finding that method is working. I am a lot better since I started socialising every single day, I had a panic attack earlier this week and it was embarrassing but I got through it without much bother. I am curious as to what types of therapy you have tried? Don't give up, you can get through this and make changes.

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