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nothing works

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Today I was getting something delivered.my brother screamd abuse at the delivery men.it was awful
I asked my sister for small loan she said she wad broke.then I see her buying brandy and wine.bottles and bottles.she shouted at me since she cme in.she is a psycho.my mother runs round after her even though my sister treats her like dirt.
Im too blame for everything.im told not to speak in case I upset them and their drinking.
I really needed a.loan.i know she has money but she lied.
She keeps asking me for drink.i had bottle wine to last me the week as a treat.she wanted it.this is after she drank two of her own bottles
She would tske everything from me but give me nothing.im broke.shes working
I found a calendr I got made for her all bent undet her bed.
I found by mistake not snooping.
Im very hurt.i spent ages putting it together


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*giant hug* im sorry your family treat you so badly. It sounds like they are taking advantage of you becuase you are vunerable. If you are ever in the situation to move out i would definately think about it. Unfortunatley we are stuck with the familys we are given even if they dont treat us well. If you need someone to talk to my pm box is always open xx


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Hugs honey, Im so sorry they cant see what they are doing, maybe the alcohol is clouding their judgements.

I hope that you get to get out soon, and find your way in life.



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Thanks.i know all I do is complain here.i should move out but just cant manage finacially.
Im struggling.my other sister gave me a broken bed I broke my ribs on
I had to buy a new one.im broke.


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I tried to speak but my sister screamed into my face.father says hee heard nothing.
They dont want me here.none them will even give me money for petrol.my parents give my brother money for drink and fags every day.its crzy.
Its like im being punished for being born


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starryeyed hun, dont try to interact with them. dont let them know you have alc. tell them nothing, deny everything. their behaviour and attitude is draining you and not letting you deal with your own issues. you cant afford your own place, thats ok. you have a room, make it your bubble, your safe place, dont let them in. dont ask them for anything, keep away, they are sucking the life from you. forget them, think of you and you alone.
my bubble is my 5ft bed and i let no one near it, i feel safe, i had another room i made my bubble but i let it get infected by others and i learnt from it, keep yourself a clean space.

i hate to say this, but your family are draining you, forget them, focus on you and just you, shut them out.

you are a good girl and dont need their pain.

starryeyed - I like IceQueen's suggestion

They are just big bullies that you need to ignore, I'm sure its next to impossible, but try.

i am sorry you are still going through all this crap.



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Its hard to hide stuff.like I couldnt lift the bed alone.
They see the bottles cos we have to recycle them.
I know your suggestion makes sense though.
My sister came in drunk after driving.shell kill someone


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My father said hed watch the match with me.then he pretended he didnt know thete wads a match on.i wanted to go to the barca members club.no one will give me a lift hime.no buses and dont fancy driving.there will be drinks promos.
Im sick everyone ignoring me here.when I say anything they say its iny head
How the f couldi imagine five ppl or more daily ignoring me to.my face
Telling someone im imagining it is not fing.on
How much longer till u can move out? Don't leave it till the last min to find uni housing. Are you getting a housing grant or similar to help? Maybe you could move earlier if you can swing it.

Hope you enjoy the match!
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