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    I am nothing. I dont enjoy anything. my anxiety disorders have taken everything from me. It wasnt enough to take hope of having friends or a job, its taken my ability to have hobbies, to enjoy time alone too. I cant even have hobbies. I cant do anything. WHY? why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? All I want is a normal incredibly boring life, with a boring job, and a few friends, some hobbies that I enjoy, a life that means something. Is that so much to wish for? I dont want to be a weak useless child in an adults body.
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    Anxiety can be hell. Are you in any sort of treatment to help you cope with it, or try to lessen it?
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    Hiyas,Anxiety can be hell, take over your whole life. But saying that, with the right therapy and medications.. it could lead you down the right path. I never left my house for 5 years straight, and last year had to leave college because of anxiety. Have you been to doc about possible anxiety medications? They really can change your life. :)
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    no. I dont want to.