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I think of killing myself a lot, and it’s the worst feeling in the world. There’s no words which can explain how sad I am. I’m sadness, I’m the wave of pain, a tired old soul, a dreamer who constantly lives in memories, a painful disaster- it hurts more than these words. I just can’t explain how broken I am…I can almost understand why people leap from bridges.
I am tired of being so small. People not really seeing me and seeing how unimportant I really am. I feel like I don’t give anything to this world and I don’t have a reason to stay here anymore. I don’t see a future for myself. All my dreams I once had are slowly fading. Having career, husband and kids someday vanish in thin air. That’s not me.
i think this is really it for me. i am done, i don't want to be alive anymore, there is so much pain in my heart that it consumes me and i physically can not carry on anymore. I'm sorry i wasnt strong enough

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