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  1. becky82

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    Why the fuck did you have to do it again.Why cant you leave me alone i could of dealt with it i could of started to get over it but no you have to come back and fuck me up again. Wasn't it enough the first time. I wish i could tell someone, I wish i had the strength to report you but you know that im too weak to do that. You know that you have control over me even though i wish you didnt. I wish you were dead i hate you i hate you i hate you!

    I can't talk to people noone would even care, no one notices me. I hate this i hate feeling so weak and vulnerable. I need to be strong for everyone else. They cant see me being like this they cant know about it. Ive been trying so hard to forget it but i cant not now. :cry:
  2. Terry

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    Tell someone pronto hun!!!!
  3. becky82

    becky82 Well-Known Member

    I can't tell anyone i have noone, Im not reporting him its not worth it and anyway its properly all my fault. i cant do anything about it. :cry: