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  1. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    I try, then i stop myself, there's something in the way
    doubt, confusion, just go away.
    hard not to get angry,
    no-one trusts.
    Sits around baiting, waiting to see bloodlust.
    whats the big sacrifice,
    just to exist.
    I'm not seeking anything, really.

    problems are like this
    misery surrounds me,
    a hall of weapons, barbed wire
    all my reactions, laiden with gaurd
    protect someone else, from my heart, thats now shards
    the good old listening post forsaken
    like i'd punched through the tv,
    Glass flying everywhere but it only hurts me

    dig through my conscience
    reeking havoc with my mind
    trapped in a shitty world
    waiting to go blind
    yeah life ain't pretty
    full of butter cups
    if there's a better way, take me
    I'm hardly able to fight back

    the anger will rise to the surface
    but never explode
    I dont see its worth it
    whats wrong with me
    and everything i was will be admonished
    maybe i'll be screaming, but who cares
    I'm nothing
  2. Petal

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    Awesome poem :heart:
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