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  1. NotSureAnymore

    NotSureAnymore Well-Known Member

    Suicidal thoughts are running my head
    My eyes are burning with the urge to cry
    I'm not sure of what to do with myself
    I just want to crawl inside my heart and just die

    I love my family but I don't love myself
    I hate myself and I don't like what I see
    Let it rain and pour and get dark within
    And kill that inner light inside me that begs and pleads

    I want to be able to close my eyes and not exist
    I want my eyes sewn shut so I can't see the ugly

    I want my heart to pound heavily in my head
    I want it all to just explode in my face with such devastation

    Let me disappear into the air like smoke
    And allow all this pain to burn my soul alive
    Manifest my self hate into rain and thunder
    Perhaps by then I'll be happy and have a reason to smile
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    that really hit home with me...
    good poem but sorry you feel that way too..
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