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  1. What am I supposed to do when I get these feelings of 'nothingness'?

    When you realize there's no purpose, there's nothing that seems to make you happy, there's no motivation, there's nothing you want... what's the point of living?
    It's like I'm waiting for something to come along and make me want to live. Fill in the gaps. Maybe a cause or a person.
    No one needs me and there's nothing I want. So what's the point?
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Yeah I've had a healthy dose of this myself lately. Wake up and wonder what for. Take no enjoyment from anything :sad:
    I guess you are the answer, you have to find something that gives you pleasure, something that gets you fired up.
    These dead times do pass, but not without some effort on our part I guess. :hug:
  3. fisch

    fisch Well-Known Member

    Nothing really exists anyway...everything is an illusion, I think. Nihilism sometimes seems the only answer.
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  4. saeyoon Chung

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    I don't want to take anything away from your struggles.. but it could mean that you've been uninspired and "lazy." It'll be hard for you to admit, but if you feel like you're just "waiting" for something or someone.. to come into YOUR life,
    well then.. chances are, your year will be uneventful.

    Trust me.. I know what that "nothingness" feels like.. I know exactly how that feels, although you may cope and react in different ways.
    This "nothingness" feeling gives me the perfect reason to tear out my hair and entertain my suicidal thoughts. At the same time I realize I'm being lazy.

    The only way out of this is... coming to terms with the fact that we're ordinary human beings living in reality, no one's going to 'magically' show up at our door and hand us anything(as in peppy anime) if we don't put work into it first.

    You have to find something to inspire you, like.. go to a self-help section at a bookstore and just start reading, take a new course at college, join a church group.. whatever you want.
    That spark.. won't last very long but we(you&me) have to keep searchin'.

    Man.. I'm in your shoes, I don't want my advice to come out totally wrong. I'm not mocking you or anything, it's just that we may achieve very little at first, but that's life, just take what we got and keep working on it.

    In conclusion... this "nothingness" feeling comes from a lack of passion,self-respect and endeavour, or in a nutshell, "laziness."

    This explains everything, you're going through.
    Solution? Continue to find something to be inspired by and keep trying and working things out. And see what happens, who knows?

    Looks easy on paper, but it's going to be really hard if you happen to dislike yourself very much, like me.. but I'm gonna keep trying.

    Good luck~ mate!
  5. There's nothing to inspire me, that's my problem :(

    I don't hate myself, I hate most people in general. So shallow. No one motivates me to do anything.
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