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November 12th Cafe Saturday 2011

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morning out there.. john with katie and i am sort of lost about and with everything little fore 2am here today.. john hopefully will be ok with her dn they both come thru this to ok position today ..

it is saturday i think of the month november year 2011.. i am dissoritntated some atm.. going to try and take a look at things in a few and figure out what is needed by me today .. will try to talk to ex katie when sun is rising and whethere or not she brings johnny back to me at noon today or tomorrow???

my brain is sort of out to lunch currrently.. hopefully things will be come clearer for me later.. Hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim


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well looking around what i had done recently here on SuicideForum it is clear to me that i was dissociating badly little bit ago.. cafe thread which i have always done before in the coffee shop , is here in the welcome forum..

out to lunch i have been.. sometimes i am amazed i can even do the simpliest things correctly.. have been dissociating for 60 yrs now.

thank god so far i have manged to keep son johnny and i alive and kicking and going on mostly safely so far in his 35 yrs with me..

had been over 2 months and last time i dissociated on August 24th.. bit sad have just checked out again and think in a couple of mintues will call my hmo's constulting nurse where they do this service 24/7 and talk to another human being who cares.

if allowed myserl to ever cry now would have been a good time. in the present and wham bam off i go into outer space.. social security realizes i am very mentallyill lot of the time.. first meeting with themm iin 1996 i checked out totally for the whole interview which was an appeal to get thru their denial and get on disability. that happened in my favor then and jimbo you are one very sad, hurting , scared little guy way too often.

somethings never really do change.. Jim :poo:


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:hug: I moved your thread to the Coffeehouse.

Did something trigger the dissociation?

Here if you ever feel like talking... you're right, sometimes talking to another human being can help, just to make you feel heard. Hope your day gets better.


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thank you Wild Cherry.. was here and doing fine adn then checked out badly a minute later.. think i know what caused it all and bit embarrrasing so will share it with you and Sadeyes in private maybe in the future.

at least once in 2 and a half months is much better than the old days of 2 or 3 times a week.. i would not wish this state on a worst enemy if i still had one or two.. tc, Jim


wind beneath my wings by bette midler


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Sure, you can PM me anytime. :hug: And yeah you're right, once in 2 and a half months isn't bad at all, when you've had to deal with it happening a few times a week. That's progress. :)

Good song, BTW.

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You take care, Jim. I hereby declare this coffee forum thread of November 12th, 2011 to be hugs for Jim and family day.

Thus: :hug:

See you in tomorrow's thread.

Also hello to coffee forum peoples. I did okay today and will try to do okay, in life, tomorrow.
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