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now do u care?

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just once i want to make a statement....been thinking about it tonite....but then i wonder if it would matter at all...am i worth anything at all... ive been kind of suicidal....leave a note saying....

i needed you but u werent there, i asked but u turned away, i cried and you didnt care, i bled and left me alone....i died, now do u care?

thats what i wanna say but i doubt it would make a difference at all :blub:


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I am so sorry you are feeling so alone...please know that there are ppl who care here...you need not feel you must yell and no one will answer...PM me if you need someone to show you that...J


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I can hear your pain Broken and I care that you feel alone and sad..
i wish I could help more


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Many of us do care, Broken_Child. Talk to you soon in chat; I enjoy our talks and hope you do too.

Good luck to you with what's going on in your life right now. :hug:
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