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Now I have penumonia!


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You know, if it isn't one damn thing its another!

Also, that ER doc that said I was fine on Saturday was a dick

I've been awake since midnight coughing, and as an extra indignity, being incontinent when I cough.

My GP said we could try and treat this outside of the hospital (I heartily agree). On steroids, Levaquin and something I can't spell or pronounce to mix with albuterol in my nebulizer.

Got a steroid injection at GP's office and have had one nebulizer treatment, I feel a bit easier to breathe.

but just FML!
FFS Angie 🤯

It seems many of the colds Just keep morphing and getting worse. All in unrelenting fashion.
I hope you can recover fully & quickly.

PS- 🤣 just erased a paragraph + about my recent dr visit. 🙄🤯 I didn’t want to hijack the thread with my complaining. I’ll prob make a post to vent it out.

Be well.

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