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Empathy Only Now I messed up my knees...

I got a standing desk recently.
I thought it would be better to alternate between sitting and standing all day.
But I stood for too long and now my knees have been hurting for several days.

I don't know what's wrong with them yet.
I have to call the doctor.
But I called him just recently about my hip and wrist.
I hope they're just sore, and I didn't damage the cartilage or bones.

I hate myself.
I keep trying to exercise so I can be in shape and go out and do things, but I keep hurting myself doing not even difficult exercises.
Then after I hurt myself, I have to just stop doing things.
I tried doing stuff while I was sore and that just made it worse.
The only reason I'm not worse is because of my parents.
They let me mooch off of them and take care of me when I'm injured.
If it wasn't for them, I'd probably be homeless and crippled.

I'm supposed to be taking care of them.
But I can't even take care of myself.
I don't know how I'm going to live my life at some point.


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I kinda know that feeling, I am 30 and I keep a damage report:

- Weak Left Hip (Prone to discomfort)
- Weak Right Wrist (Wears out quickly and recovers slowly)
- Stab Wound into right thumb muscle (Occasional discomfort) (1)
- Bad neck (wear-and-tear)
- Broken Teeth (Repaired) x2
- Worn Teeth (Repaired) x1
- Slight Deformation of left thumb joint
- Minor nerve damage right thumb?
- poorly healed Left and Right Boxer's Fractures?

And thats just the permenent stuff, my ankles hurt when I run my elbows hurt when I lift weight, my knees hurt when I exercise, my bad hurts if I stay standing too long, etc. The permenent damage is from my attitude of "My body is a tool and it will do as I command, damage or no", and the rest I think is from my generally poor level of fitness, I imagine you have the same.

You have to take it easily and work your way up, but you will get hurt, especially joints, because the joints take longer than muscles to strengthen and are so easily damaged. If you can talk to your doctor and figure out a way to get on the bottom rung you can fix the problems with hurting yourself when you exercise, I think.

I imagine you hurt your knees because a lot of people (myself included) lock their knees when standing still for long periods, which is bad for them, you have to make sure you dont do that, leave the tiniest bend left in them.
Yeah, I locked my knees.
I didn't realize I was doing it though.
That's my problem with having good posture, I don't realize I'm slouching, locking knees, etc. until after I've been doing it for so long.
I correct myself when I catch myself doing it, I just slump back into it eventually.
I've done that before, standing long periods with knees locked. If you did that for an extended period of time and are new to this standing desk, I don't see why the pain would be permanent. It's probably similar to how you start a new workout and you're sore for at least a week after the first session.
Well, the doctor told me the x-ray said I had a "mild narrowing of the medial compartment" in my knees.
I googled it and most of what I got was osteoarthritis stuff, which doesn't go away you just have to manage it well.
My knees have been getting a little better, it no longer hurts to lock them as much.

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