Now If You Are Feeling Down You can Always Ring!! Yeah Right!! I don't think so!

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by downunder, May 31, 2008.

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  1. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    No I Can't!! - Does anybody get sick of this statement?

    When I have had to speak to counsellor, CAT team etc. They always say, now if you are having bad thoughts etc you will ring, won't you!!!

    I get sick of hearing this. As well as giving an undertaking that I won't do anything etc. I mean it is not going to stop me from doing anything.

    I even asked this CAT team guy what the consequence would be if I rung, and he said he would get me to go in there the psych hospital (I don';t think so).

    Once at work I did talk to a guy about how I was feeling, I didn't even do anything, it was just a thought and 10 days later he tells one of the work counsellors and they dob me in to the CAT team. I think why bother.

    If I go to do something stupid I am not going to suddenly stop and say, oh I can't do this because I promised I wouldn't. It is just so stupid.

    I once had to sign a contract saying I wouldn't do anything stupid and also put the people to think about if I was to go ahead, and also had to hand things that I would use to my husband. Pretty stupid as I just went out and bought some more.
  2. thebrain

    thebrain Well-Known Member

    I guess the whole point is to put obstacles in the way; to save us before we go over the edge. I always thought the systems were funny though. I've thought more than once of showing my boyfriend my stash, knowing he'd take it away because I thought it might save me, should I get an unusually strong urge. Then I always realize that I'd just go buy more that same day.

    But I guess those systems work to a certain extent. Any level of uncertainty, and they'll catch you before you go. I look at it as them trying to help, without really knowing what they're doing.

    At least they care.
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I know not all the sytems are the same and I also am incredibly lucky. When my therapist tells me to call if I need to, she means it. I have had to call her on numerous occasions and she talks with me until I am calmed dow. She always asks if I need to be hospitalized and i always reply no. She respects this. I have also found that if I make her a promise, I cannot break it. So I guess the obstales for me have worked. i am still here despite myself. They do this because they care about what happens to you. They wish for you to remain safe always. Anything that makes you sit back and think and also passes the time gives you the chance at a new day of life.We start with small steps and eventually are able to move on.
  4. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    Gentle Lady you are very lucky. My counsellor has always said the same, and then when I do tell a guy from her office, he goes and tells someone else in the office and I got dobbed in, then had to lie my ar@#e off to this guy from the CAT team on the phone. This guy from the CAT team then told me I was not at risk and nor was I depressed. One week after that I made an attempt. I have also tried ringing one of the crisis numbers but they are always engaged. I told my counsellor that too, then she says well you can always ring here, so I said well I don't want the CAT team turning up at my door. She didn't reply anything to that.
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