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now the tough work begins


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I lost 102 pounds over the last 2 yrs and I am at my last 30/35 pounds...just bought a ballet barre to set up in my home for stretching, squatting etc...do not think Martha Graham company will be calling anytime soon...found that if I got rid of my fat clothes and bought smaller things, I am additionally motivated to stay on the plan...I love clothes so having a pair of the perfect silk pants that still do not fit is a wonderful negative to positive reinforcment for me...still scared, especially when someone asks, 'where did you go?", but compared to all I have had to deal with, this is gravy...sorry food association as usual...reduced portions by 1/3 and eat foods other than veggies, etc. in only handful portions...drink 10 glasses of water a day and excercise every other day...need the day to recover...any additional suggestions would be appreciated...have a high school reunion in May and want to float into the restaurant...and have the 'you cant have me' attitude with the man/boy who tortured me in high school...revenge is sweet (oh no, food again)...best of luck to all of you and continue to try to be healthy...big hugs, Jackie


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Congratulations Jackie and wishing you continued success.
You are an inspiration to us all.
Hope you have a great time at the school reunion and show that guy what he missed!!!


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Wow, sounds like you're doing brilliantly! By the time of your reunion you probably won't have time to even look at the meff who insulted you!! :hug:


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Walked a total of 6 miles yesterday and today feel like a collection of aches and pains...also climbed 8 flights of stairs...I am not doing this for revenge, but it will sure be fun...hope he is bald and fat, and did not age well...one of my dear friends, Tracey, is helping me pick out the outfit, etc...so I will be looking my best...thanks for the encouragement...I wonder how many millions of squats i have to do to get in shape...we will see...big hugs


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As they say, D., I am not too fat, just too short...at 8'9'', I am the perfect weight...thanks for the cheer! needed it...big hugs

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