Now you know

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    Now You Know

    Spiralling downwards into the abyss,
    Realising each second how little i'll be missed.
    My hand reaches out only to be pushed away,
    and the darkness takes me a little more every day.

    My thoughts turn to chaos and my soul turns black,
    every inch of me begs for me to turn back.
    The tears begin to form and roll down my cheek,
    the look in my eyes becomes so bleak.

    The walls begin to close and entomb me alive,
    all the kicking and screaming wont help me to survive.
    My breathe is pushed out and my lips turn blue,
    tears streaming down my face and not a clue what to do.

    On the edge and looking for a release,
    I take the blade and make my peace.
    As the blood runs red and the pain starts to ease,
    the walls fall back and it's easier to breathe.

    I find a release from my hell,
    and even though its not conventional,
    its my way to cope,
    its the only thing that gives me hope.

    Never judge someone until you know why they do it. Now you know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.