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They won't be happy without you.
They probably think they are doing their best. They base this usually on how they were treated by their parents/guardians.

Do not do anything regretable please.

What is all their fault?


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I've been abused by my parents. It takes a lot of strength to set yourself free, but, believe me, it is possible. Don't take your life because of them. They're not worth it xx

Pm me if you want, please...


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Can you move away, break the ties? That sort of freedom would be beneficial, knowing they are hours away from you.

Parents make bad decisions and blame it on the children as the only available outlet for their feelings. It is their weakness, their fault.

Please be safe and talk to us, we will help if we can.

My bf's parents..don't know my situation and I can't tell them because his dad works in mental health. And they would never let me near their place again.

Nowhere left..Back in my bedroom with these suicidal thoughts and some vodka. Maybe I won't make it to work tomorrow after all..
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