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I was so lonely all day. I called a Warm line and the lady didn't chat with me, she was just waiting for me to say stuff and didn't say much.

I called my mom and she seriously kept complaining to me about my place being messy and she kept going on and on about it.

But my care manager and the staff here told me that they think my room is the cleanest one out of all the people they work with and they consider it clean.

And my mom kept going on and on and on about it and said she's going to send my dad to make sure my place is completly clean and kept going on and on with yelling to me about it,

and she asked if I want to take food over there and I said yes, then she told me but my dad checks my fridge whenever I visit my family for a week and my dad tells her that I leave food they give me in the fridge.

Then she called me back and complained again about my place being messy and said there's no reason my place should be dirty and told me that my dad always takes photos of my place with his phone and then sends it to my mom and my brother as they all make fun of me for having a messy place.

But the care manager and staff say my place is clean and I told my parents that but my dad and mom say I'm part of their family and I need to be clean like they are (even though my dad's keyboard and computer desk is always messy.)

And after being on the phone with my parents, I feel bad cuz I can't vent about this to my favorite fandom and my favorite old friends because they don't like me anymore and I have no friends. And I keep hearing loud noises upstairs. I don't wanna be here anymore. =( I'm so alone and no one likes me and people yell at me..


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I'd feel the same! If you're getting so much negativity, it's bound to upset you especially when it doesn't make any sense. I hope things feel better soon, my messages are always open if you need somewhere to go although I can't promise I'll reply quickly!

Sending hugs


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It's a great pity they don't choose to reinforce your efforts, as you deserve, in order to motivate you to continue with your strides forward.

I'm sure people here appreciate all you've been trying.

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