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So here I am sitting at the computer thinking about the awful months ahead and wondering how much it is worth going through the pain.

I am in a long term loveless relationship that has kept together because of our now grown up kids. A few years ago I met a loving, fun and extremely compatible work colleague. She was from another country but working for the long term here.

For six years we have been deep friends (I love her but know it will probably not be reciprocated) now she is pregnant after a year of marriage. Now I face working next to her through her pregnancy (possibly adding hassle beacuse of me fears and feeling which she does not need) and then in a lieklihood her moving away to the other side of the world. I am not sure I can survice the pain of saying goodbye and running away from all of it seems so attractive.

I cannot leave my job, I cannot avoid her pregnancy and I am going to face the rest of my life without her friendship.

I am not sure I can stand it.


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YOu need to focus your attention on your children You need to perhaps get into marriage councilling and work on the relationship that you have with your wife IF it is not working then get a seperation and move on okay find someone that is available that can recipricate your love. I think the grass always looks greener on the other side until you get there. Work on your family okay that is what is important

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