Nowt wrong with a late start in life.

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    I was feeling miserable today as it's my birthday, I was just getting the birthday blues it's been a totally uneventful day as I'm stuck at home with nothing, no-one and no cash to visit any company.

    I picked up a book at the library, one of the few things I can enjoy without spending any money and I always feel that you gain more from reading books than most other mediums, especially as I mostly read non-fiction (however some points on character and the world can be better explained in fictious writings). It was a book about Einstein. I knew about relativity but I never knew about the man himself.

    His life was far from the idealistic academic life, he left school early and was refused entry into university, he then took a special exam to get into the university but failed that also. It wasn't until someone pointed out that he had a real nack for maths that he should attend a school and further himself.

    From then on things weren't straight forward for him either, there was a great deal of turbulance around that time in Germany and people were quite openly racist (even before the nazis there's been an anti-semite (sp?) movement in germany since the late 1800's ).

    Well without going into too much detail about Einstein's life, he never had it particularly easy and never found his feet until later in life.

    It's like that quote about Michael Jordan, failing all those thousands of times but yet his name is associated with being one of best basket ball players of all time (I'm not really into basket ball so I'm not sure how that stands).

    It's really hard at times, life can be so dissapointing and you can fail hundreds of times, even when you pour your heart and soul into things, they can just crumble before your eyes, random events happen and turn your life upside down, there's hundreds of mountains to climb, you can feel burdened by so many bad memories and dissapointments.... but... you have to keep on moving because you get nowhere if you just lay down.

    I think of it like being shipwrecked or dropped in the desert, yeah it's fucking terrible, its aweful, its should never have happened, its cruel and negative, but just sitting there isn't going to get you where you want to be. Yeah you can try and you can fail to get out of there, but you need to keep on trying.

    I'd like to adopt this notion as my own personal mantra for getting me through the days, but I have this strange belief of damnation, I know it sounds weird but I feel damned. I feel like no matter what I do I life I'm gonna be stuck in a rut, something will fail on me, something will keep me pinned to losing. I used to have terrible dreams about losing all the time when I was younger, I don't have them so much these days, not about losing anyway. I'm trying to convince myself that my beliefs are absurd, but yet at the same time they feel very real to me.

    Basically i need to keep on driving forward, keep on at it, heading out of this wasteland and trying to better myself, then maybe someday I will feel geniunely happy again.

    This rant was mostly for my own purpose more than anything, I doubt it will get any response, but still...
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    Thanks for posting that, it was a good dose of hope, I always felt intrigued by the like of Einstein and Jordan, where they percevered through terrible failures and came out on top... I see them as fearing not trying and expecting to fail many times till they get it right... it use to bug me that I am 28 and dont drive, till I found out that Einstein never drove either, so even the greatest of peeps can suffer just like us...
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    Yep, I am about to be 20 and still lack SO MANY things that other people my age and much younger than me have, I have a really late start as well, I guess now I should not kill myself but just try to improve myself and be happy eh?
    My parents didn't raise me right so I lack a lot of things, am a very shallow, empty person, haven't accomplished much, done much and that really depresses me, all I can do is just keep living, not kill myself right? :unsure:
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    Comparing myself to those who I admire I've actually done fairly alright for myself, there's countless ammounts of great in the world who were completely shunned and lived totally dire lives, but they kept on trying.

    Michael Faraday, the guy who is pretty almost singulary responsible for the 'modern day world' with his discovery of the electro magnet (which led on to become all modern day generators of electricity), lived a very tiresome life of dissapointment and predjudice. People wouldn't sit next to him because he came from a working class background in Britian, even his friends were advised to keep clear of him as he didn't fit into the class system. He must have undergone some aweful heart breaking encounters, people disliked him all his life but he kept to it, he struggled onwards and now he is admired throughout the ages for being one of the greatest thinkers and developers of his time.

    His ideas didn't come instantenously, he had to bare with it all the while whilst wading through a tiresome ammount of prejudice and obvious dissapointment.

    Yeah, basically. Stephen Hawkins was told he was going to die before completing his PHD. Hunter S.Thompson earnt his academic qualifications aged 28 through mail order, professor Alexander Shulgin never entered academic studies of chemistry until he was 27 year old after suffering an almost breakdown after the navy... there's countless ammounts of people out there who became really big names for themselves after years of dissapointment and misery. Why? Because they kept on trying, they kept aiming for their goals. Reason stands that if you try something a thousand times one of those time you're going to hit the right mark.

    Just have to keep on trying, keep on pushing, no matter the odds.
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