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Nuh-Uh! I hate YOU More

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::collective sigh::

Okay. I feel like it's that constant need to explode that makes me just want to shoot myself. I hate to be so outspoken but that's who I am. The thing is, I know I'm being a jerk when I'm blunt but -and escuse me for saying this- I can't help if if other people are stupid.

Now in the title I'm not necasarilly calling any of you stupid, it's just a way of impersonating just how childish people can be at my age. It pisses me off when I'm belittled when I try to be nice and respectful . But people just take my kindness then treat me like Sh*t.

Do unto others my a$$.

The funny thing is that I hate to curse. But lately I've been dropping swear words like there's no future. People are just asking to be strangled, though.

To Teh Stupide Peoplez! [sarcasm/]:

- Don't use racial slang/curses towards me
- You're not the sh*t, you're an average human like me. Just because more people want to f*ck you, and you have more fake friends doesn't mean squat.
- I don't just wrtite poetry because I want to be "goth/emo/suizidallz/" Don't label me. I do it because my poems don't badger me and call me names. Oh! And :gasp: they're quiet! :rolleyes:

I'm sure there's more but I don't have any coffee in my system right now; plus I have to figure out a way to cut school tommorow.
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