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    Just checking old am I?? I'm 27..yeah 27 so treat me like I'm 27 and not 12. What the fuck is with the double fuckin standards in this household? I need to get the fuck out of this house for good..either by moving out or by my way. I can't fuckin' deal anymore. I CANT!! Lets aim at me and scream at me and berate me and make me feel like shit. What about him?! What about the one with a son?? Have you forgotten him?!!! 28 years old, 7 year old son, spends no money on him. NONE!!! Spends no time with him. ZERO. Does nothing with him....WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT HIM?!!!! What about the times where he disrespected your wishes by smoking in the house, destroying the house, being a down right filthy pig?? What about those fuckin' times HUH!!!

    Why fuckin direct your shit at me?! Your anger is so fuckin tell me people do nothing for you in this house..such a crock of bull. I spent all day yesterday...all day digging dirt for you. 3 hours of helping you in the yard, another 2 hours of running around to get the things YOU need on a saturday. Lets rethink this too..i spent all day last friday helping you, all day saturday helping don't fuckin' say I don't do anything. I bend over backwards to make you happy, to make sure you get helpa round here b/c i know others won't help. You scream at me for everything...eerything..and you know what ill just take it now..i'll just take it..because I'm tired of sticking up for myself..tired of knowing that you think im a failure..tired of knowing you seem to think i care..i am numb..i am numb THANK YOU VERY FUCKIN MUCH
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