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  1. At night when I close my eyes
    I shudder at the emptiness deep inside
    Someone untouchable is all I have become
    With a heart now grown cold, and numb
    If I open up then I'll know the pain is real
    So I'll curl up and pretend it's something I cannot feel

    I know it's there but I can't let it touch me
    Can't let the world know it hurts more than they see
    So I'll paste a smile on my face
    Let my imagination carry me to a better place
    A world where nothing is as harder than it seems
    And my harsh reality is nothing but a bad dream

    Each passing day I wonder if they know
    Despite my efforts, does the pain really show?
    Nah, if I won't feel it then maybe it's not really there
    It would have killed me by now, broken me beyond repair
    Maybe I'm already broken but just can't see
    That deep inside the guilt is slowly killing me

    Oh well, smile bright and get on with the day
    I know I wouldn't have it any other way
    Surrounded by a cold darkness, there will be no light
    A shining star lived in the girl I left behind
    Don't know where she it now
    But she wasn't meant to be here somehow

    Frozen, numb to the core
    With a pain I try so hard to ignore
    This is who I am
    It could be worse, so why would you give a damn?

    By Debbie
    February 2007
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.