Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ColderEveryday, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. ColderEveryday

    ColderEveryday New Member

    faded through another day today. I don't feel terrible today, nothing tragic happened. No one used me or fucked me over. I just feel numb. I feel really lonely though. REALLY LONELY!!! I don't even know why I bother going on. I just find ways to pass the time as I fade through. No point in it all really.

    I find myself becoming angry with everyone. One of my friends I am forbidden to go to his house (which pisses me off) a stupid rule of my parents so I stop doing drugs. Not like its going to work really. I'm pissed because he can come over to my house but he hasn't and probably wont. Hes too busy getting fucked up, which I can't blame him, I would be with him doing the same thing if I could.
    My other friend is just too busy to ever spend any time with me, he is doing anything wrong though, I just am really lonely.
    these aren't why i feel like dying, just how I feel today.

    I wish I could just explode.
  2. jjustme

    jjustme Guest

    Hey, I'm sorry you're feeling lonely... I feel often lonely, VERY LONELY. So I can't give you any advice:sad: My 'friends' are busy too. Last friday, I asked my best friend: please can I come to your house because I don't feel right... She said: Hmm no, do you wanna come tomorrow? I'm tired today...
    I was like: :blink: ... okay, so this is my best friend:rolleyes:
    People can be very hard, life can be very hard.... I don't know what to do, I'm sorry. I hope you feel better right now.. You can always pm me:hug:
  3. Cluster

    Cluster Active Member

    I relate to you. I feel lonely a lot. I have no friends that understand me. I'm not where I belong. Sorry I cant help you, since I cant help myself.
  4. galee74

    galee74 Member

    i think its one of many i too feel the dead already inside...i just cant do the hard part *yet* of actually killing this weak human body....i'm numb and no1 understands me and i'm alone etc like you...the net helps us all talk and relate but when the screen goes off we're still all alone in bed etc. aint we?
    if only there was a person who wud hold you in bed all night whenever you felt down!
  5. ColderEveryday

    ColderEveryday New Member

    it would be nice to have someone to hold you... I doubt that will ever happen for me though.
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