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Number of Chat Rooms

At the bottom right of my screen, there's a box marked "Chat Rooms". There's sometimes a number in red just to the right of it.

That number often creeps up, sometimes even to hundreds, as much as 451, but at a time when clearly there are few users on.

When it's gone as high as 451, my computer will freeze.

This doesn't seem right.

Reloading a page seems to send the number of chat room back to zero, or a low number


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That number is the number of unread messages. It usually means that you are logged into one of the chat rooms. If you log out of the chat room you are in that will clear this, or refreshing your screen also clears it. If you stay logged into the chatroom it keeps track of the messages you have missed for you, you have to close it to stop that from happening.


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I just tried opening chat and closing the tabs. I never did anything to log in though
If they open up again next time you log in to SF, close them before doing anything else. ;) Just one click.


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