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    heya I am with my parents at xmas and also brother and patchwork family. I was dealing with christianity for 3 years now and diagnosed scizo after suicide attempt 13 1/2 years ago. long time not been here. I feel like a rabbit on the run and am using dads pc. at home I am talking with my walls, listening radio stations and am working 4 times a week 3 hours and taking pills. nothing and none of the therapy and pills did ever have any effect. I grew up in safety but then lost every single emotion of joy except for carcastic destructive blasphemic kind of selfpity humor. greetings out there to robin, beret soliloquise and everyone. bad, bad year. sorryforbeingborn. mankind is a virus.

    41 now iq' ed 131, single and childrenless founder of new forum enger wishes peace out there.

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