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  1. Epiphany

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    So I've been on different types of birth control constantly for the past 7 years and I have been thinking about taking a break from using them. I was on the depo provera shot for 3 years, and once I stopped using it I lost 40 pounds. I then went on the patch for about 6 months before moving on to NuvaRing. I've been on that for around 3 years and some odd months, and I just don't see the point in using it when I already use condoms religiously. I'm wondering if anyone else has been on NuvaRing long-term (more than 2 years) and come off of it, and what the side effects were. I'm hoping for weight loss, since one of the most common side effects of almost all birth control is weight gain.

    Please chime in if you have experience with this.

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    Can't help you there, but I do have a question for you. I started on the patch a few months ago.. made me gain 10 pounds in about 4 days (no more loss or gain since then.). Did the patch make you gain weight? Did it go away after you were off of it?

    I don't have body issues at all so I'm not worried about it, just curious as to if I will shed 10 lbs when I stop using the patch..
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    I didn't gain weight in the beginning when I switched to the patch, but that's because I lost about 40 pounds after stopping the shot. I'll tell you if I lose any weight after stopping the ring, since it seems that every time I stop using birth control I lose weight.

    P.S. I couldn't stand using the patch for contraceptive. It would always fall off and I would get a dark circle of lint stuck to the outside of the patch. lol
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    I am too unstable to use hormonal birth control- it completely destroys me emotionally when I take synthetic hormones.

    I've got 3 letters for you, girl...I U D.

    they've got em with and without hormones. i have the no-hormone kind and i can keep it for 10 years. no weight gain whatsoever. just my 2 cents.