NVLD & Asperger's Syndrome

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Syd, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Syd

    Syd Guest

    Has anyone here been diagnosed with either NVLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) or Asperger's Syndrome?

    I was tested and then diagnosed with NVLD at age 18 by a therapist. While a lot of the symptoms professionals list seem familiar to what I experience, not everything matches up. I'm guessing my case is milder than what others are dealing with. For example I've never had problems with balance and coordination, which was one of the commonly listed symptoms. I received an MVP award while on the high school track team, so that doesn't seem to be an issue. I understand all forms of humor and non-literal language well, so I was surprised to see that problem on the list.

    Most of the other common symptoms are definitely noticeable though. I never excelled in math courses, and my poor spatial visualization makes driving in unfamiliar areas difficult without a map. I've had problems socializing and fitting in, and I feel as though I'm misinterpreted a lot. Also, I can be emotionally sensitive and my five senses are highly receptive. I'm not very organized, I'm very spontaneous - more tell-tale signs of the disorder. The most common NVLD trait is preferring verbal language. I'm a freelance writer (poetry/ fiction) and have favored verbal art from a young age, so this fits my personality well.

    More information on NVLD is available on this website. http://www.nldline.com/

    I mentioned Asperger's Syndrome because there are similarities between NVLD and AS. The following page contains articles on the topic. http://www.nldline.com/as_vs_nld.htm

    There's plenty that can be discussed about these conditions, but I'm mainly posting this to see if anyone on these boards has either AS or NVLD. One of my sister's co-workers supposedly has a strong case of AS, but I haven't actually met the guy. I've never known anyone who's been diagnosed with either, it seems to be rare. :mellow: It's been difficult having no one to relate to on those terms, and I'm sure NVLD has contributed to my social anxiety. After searching, I didn't find very much on the topics here. Feel free to contribute to the thread - whether or not you've been diagnosed with either. :smile:

    eDiT: http://www.WrongPlanet.net is a forum for AS, though I haven't actually looked into it much yet.
  2. immure

    immure Account Closed

    my ex was diagnosed with this
    and there is a strong chance my daughters have asperger as well. i have become very aware of the outside in veiw. not sure what to say in light of it all. like living a paradigm if that the spelling.
  3. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    I was diagnosed with aspergers.. I would say more right now but I just woke up and feel like my brain is mush so I hope to get back to this later..
  4. no point

    no point Well-Known Member

    I was diagnosed with NVLD. Here if you want to talk :)
  5. godsmack1970

    godsmack1970 Member

    My 15 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger's about 2 years ago. We had suspected it for alot longer but it is SO difficult to get a diagnosis on this one.
  6. sami

    sami Well-Known Member

    My brothers were diagnosed with Aspergers after about 10 years of fighting for a diagnosis. One has a 'talent' in IT, the other for art.. oh yeah, they're twins. lol.. if you've got any questions, feel free to PM me!
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