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Nyan Nyan!

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Hah, that's awesome. I've got it on my phone! I suck though. :stars:
Hahah, never mind, it's not the same, but I love this as well.
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i listen to it when i'm bored, it's quite nice. :wub:
friends got to 7 hours. but they were pretty high, so i guess that helps :D

i like how you want to lower the volume and it's still the same <3

Mr Stewart

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1173 nyans. I mean seconds.

100-200 was hard. I really wanted to turn it off. Something happened around 350 mark. I started to get into the tune. Tapping toe to the beat. Bobbing head. Drumming along with nyans on my fingers. 1000 nyan mark it all turned against me. Each nyan a needle lightly burrowing its way through my ear canals and into my brain. I wanted to hold on but it was too much.

The silence after I turned it off was shocking.

Did you know the toast part of the cat doesn't actually move? Only the head, legs, and tail animate. I have to be at work in four and half hours.
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