O.D. a couple of nights ago.

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A couple nights ago I was really depressed.

My gma died a month ago and it's been hard on me.

I chugged (YES, CHUGGED) <edit moderator total eclipse method>

When I felt good and drunk I started going crazy.

I don't remember it all, but I know I fell down the stairs 3 times (OW, still)
and ended up <edit moderator total eclipse methods>

Bf found out and called 911. he had been avoiding me since I started drinking cuz I guess I was mean to him. Anyway got rushed off to the hospital, threw up a lot, drank that charcoal crap, threw up more, got some fluids. Stayed at the hospital for 8 hours and somehow they let me come home instead of a mental hospital. Anyway, I'm back and still feeling like shit.
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