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  1. yesyoulikeit

    yesyoulikeit Guest

    i can't wait to see you and do everything i'm not supposed to do and have no connection to it.
    i just can't wait.
    to finally not be this stupid person i am and jump over hoops
    i just hope i'm alright.
    i don't have to be great, at kissing or w/e it is we might do but i want to be alright.

    also. afterwards. cutting session! woo!
  2. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    first of all you're not stupid. i've been where you are when i was incredibily young and vulnerable and didn't know anything else.

    i'm not sure why you're doing this but sometimes it's out of the person's control, especially if they are terrified. are you?

    would thinking about why help you? what are you getting out of this? it's taken me many years to ground myself and to know what love is (looking after oneself as well as loving someone else) and it was a huge struggle and very frightening to do that, especially if you've been around unhealthy people all your life and self harming for so long.

    treat yourself gently. i don't know why you're cutting too, that's so personal but maybe if you don't do the first thing, then the urge to cut will become less?
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  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    I just pray that whatever it is you are planning on doing, you are doing it because YOU want it and not somebody else. And that you are doing it because YOU love yourself so that if this is happening just because they claim to love you, you know the truth or difference. And if you cant find YOU in the things I've typed then I pray that you dont do whatever it is you have planned.
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