obese discrimination/mistreatment

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  1. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    It is awful how obese people are discriminated against in most societies. Some people are so cruel to obese people or over weight people for that single reason. you can see how bad it is in our times. Why do so many people have hatred for obese people and discriminate them.
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    people are assholes who judge people on anything nowadays unfortunately
  3. abandof

    abandof Well-Known Member

    It's a shame people think that way but unfortunately I don't think it's going to change anytime soon..
  4. protonaut

    protonaut Well-Known Member

    Yeah, a lot of the people today who discriminate and abuse others for their mental or physical differences are probably the same crowd who would be lynching blacks a century ago. Something to think about.

    All you can do is try to avoid the bigots and keep looking for the rare person with a "heart of gold".
  5. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I find it kind of lame that people still pick on me for my weight problem. I thought that it would stop after getting out of school but it hasn't.
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Because (in the UK at least) so much money is being spent on obesity related conditions - type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, heart disease. It annoyed me when I was treated like a time wasting attention seeker when I tried to kill myself, yet the morbidly obese man in resus who was being treated for a heart attack (probably through eating fast food and chocolate) was treated with respect. :mad:
  7. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I agree with and understand you here Ruby.
    So much money is pumped into the=is 'epidemic' of obesity. But what about mental illness. It saddens me that still in this 21st Century there is still a stigma attached to mental illness. In my country 6 people die and a lot more attempt every day! But still, what is the government doing? NOT MUCH!

    I still think it is because people and professional simply dont know enough still! I mean I've been diagnosed with several things and they are still unsure! I also think it's different if the illness is visible.

    And with obesity is it, they look big!
    They dont understand that mental illness is just as terminal as any other disease and can be life threatening.

    argh anyone, sorry for hijacking this thread.:unsure:
  8. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    People need to fit in and if you don't you are outcasted. Either for obesity or other illness no matter which one. Some say that obesity is more an 'eye catching' problem yet in that statement there is some discremination towards physical differences.

    Discrimination is everywhere, often subtile and harmful (a real killer) yet rarely do they tell you in your face. They will make facial mimics of some king where others will be more blunt and comment out loud.... not only to be heard by the sufferer of an illness (obesity or else) but do they take pleasure in attracting other people around's attention as well.

    In this world of you got to be thin (anorexy is at its peak now so is health matters in order to fit in) to find a job..... there is a lot of sexism also in this.

    Obesity is an illness. Reasons are severals. A lot of self esteem issues to mention one only.

    But racism and discrimination starts within our own self. How often do we hear comments about such or such, either real life or tv news? Lets get down to the bottom of this pleague. .... OURSELVES and in that we have sufficient to work onto not to bother with others.

    Sorry for mixing issues but one cant go without others as discrimination is racism and racism touches many.
  9. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I think it's sad when you see young kids (under 10) who are really overweight. I mean it's one thing for the parents to have an illness but shouldn't they be more concerned about the health of their children?

    Even putting health issues aside, surely they must know that their child is more likely to be bullied at school? (This is unfair I know but it's a fact all the same). I'm sure there are reasons for it but I can't help but feel that it's not right.
  10. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Must say, good point.
  11. possessednomad

    possessednomad Well-Known Member

    You know, a lot of people who are overweight wouldnt get more overweight i dont think if they werent taunted and bullied - the effect on self esteem does the complete opposite of making them 'see the light', so to say.
  12. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    Exactly. The more you pick on someone and taunt them for something the more down they are going to get and the more likely they are to "comfort eat" or maybe that's just me and my lack of self restraint :blink:

    Okay, I am both obese and have tried to kill myself so I have seen both sides of this.
    You are making great assumptions here Ruby. Some people-myself included-are obese due to overeating admittedly...but many more have weight problems due to self esteem issues, health problems and other factors. Don't be so quick to judge people.
    You have a problem wth obese people being treated well when theydevelop a condition you assume to be weight related? Does this apply to people who smoke and develop lung cancer for instance? Suicidal people who try to kill themselves? Or alcoholics who damage thier livers? Or is this aimed solely on obese people?
  13. Azul

    Azul Well-Known Member

    I'm not fat myself, but I understand completely that it is very difficult to abstain from all that delicious food. Or beer.
    Why fat provokes hatred, I don't know. I'm very aware of the social tendency to look for a scapegoat, but then you have to ask "why are fat people the scapegoat".
    I once read a book on the sociological aspects of beauty, and the author had some interesting things to say. He said basically that a social taboo exists on all forms of "physicalness". Because the physical side of us, our bodies, reveals that we are equal to one another (and the social order doesn't want anything to do with equality), it reveals that we are mortal, it reveals that we are animals. These things are unpleasant, so a taboo is placed on the body. Anything that explicitly refers to our physical side is taboo. Sex is something private, so is going to the toilet. You don't show the food in your mouth, etc. You take away the attention from the action of eating and turn into something else, into a custom, into manners ("manners" mean not revealing your physical side). Scars are ugly, they reveal our physicalness. So is fat. So is old age, death.
    What people find beautiful is when the physical side is under control. When we show we are in control of our bodies, we show that we are human and not animals. So what is beautiful, what is accepted? Thinness, and muscularity. A controlled, restrained body. The most civilised love ballet - it is all about controlling the body.
    I think, if this is true, this social dismissal of the body is changing.
    We are now in the age of consumerism, and consumerism off course needs the body. The physicalness is now being stressed instead of denied, although a large part of it remains under taboo. It is also still being stressed in a negative way when it comes to looks - we still favour, and consumerism encourages this very much, a body that is in control of itself.
    As for social distinction, I think it will become less and less a concern. We are turning into a mass of consumers, with replaceable identities.
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  14. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    Yes, I think a lot of fear has to do with people's fear of overconsumption and being out of control. I've not been following the news for months so haven't been following things, but I love the way when "obesity" is mentioned you get these cropped shots of stomachs walking down the street like these people don't have legs, heads or arms, they are reduced to bits of body floating down the street. It's a way of dehumanising a person, a human being with thoughts and feelings into just bits of body that is seen as 'unattractive' and 'evil'- a way of others who seem to be 'in control' of themselves to feel self righteous and "better". Anyway, I think the problem is complex (and it may not even be a problem to a lot of people, maybe they are okay with it!) and serious eating disorders may play a part in a lot of people- which are valid mental health problems. As for people who are overweight getting respect, I don't know...I don't know where you get that idea from. The amount of shit programmes on television nowadays making people feel awful about themselves, (you are what you eat, food doctors/nurses or whatever, how to look 10 years younger, etcetcetc) there's a lot of fat hate going on. People just love to have someone to pick on so they can make themselves look good, or to buy into a a brand of food lets say (gillian mckeith or whatever her name is) even people who are overweight can do it themselves and others because they feel so shit about themselves, and I'm not surprised. When I see people being belittled for what they eat on television it just makes me want to hit the screen. Not only that, you get programmes like..."what not to wear" :rolleyes: I sometimes wonder what kind of people put themselves through such horror/demeaning treatment on television. It's just normal, it seems to hate yourself or other people..
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  15. Anonymous2

    Anonymous2 Well-Known Member

    In my city, obese people (except children in grade school) are treated rather good. It is the people with abnormal personalities or mental illnesses that are shunned the most. I’ve pretty much been banished from society my entire life because of my personality. On the other hand, I know numerous obese people (especially guys) who are successful, have many friends, and been in numerous relationships with women. The truth is that most women would much rather date an obese, outgoing, confident man the date a tall, athletic, extremely shy, insecure man.

    Obese people are treated differently than normal weight people; however, the main difference I notice is only in regards to physical attraction. Many men and women are not physically attracted to obese people and many of them will openly admit how they feel….but I almost never seen an adult deny friendship from an individual because of their weight. In other words, most adults in my city only discriminate against obese people when dating. The same can not be said about people with mental illnesses or unpopular personality types. Often people will deny both dating and friendship with people who have abnormal personalities.

    Admittedly, I have never been obese so I may not fully comprehend the difficulties that obese individuals face; however, from my subjective view of the world it seem that they do face less discrimination than people with mental disorders.

    In some ways, I think it is OK to care about the physical appearance of the people we date. Nearly everybody thinks it is OK to care about the personality attributes of the people we date so why should physical attributes be so different. People dislike me, avoid me, and sometime even tease me because I’m very shy. Despite this, I’m not bitter toward everyone who does not want to be my friend. I’m mostly only bothered by people who judge me with malice. If a lady I have a crush on simply has a preference for dating outgoing men who like to go to parties, I would be disappointed, but not angry. I realize that people are different and everybody has a preference.

    Applying that same philosophy toward obesity, I don’t think obese people should hate men who prefer to date fit women. Some men simply find fit women more aesthetically pleasing, and they want to be in a relationship with someone who can participate in their athletic lifestyle. Just as human beings have the right to prefer dating people with certain personality types they should also have the right to prefer dating people who exhibit specific physical attributes.

    Some people seem to think it more moral to judge someone based on their personality than their physical appearance because they falsely believe that personality flaws can never result from disease or disorder but obesity can. That is so not true. Just like obesity, personality differences can be a result of disorder. Avoidant personality disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, social anxiety, depression, OCD, etc, etc, etc. All these are example of mental disorders that affect one’s personality. Caring about appearance is no different than caring about personality. We have the right to care…But we never have the right to exploit differences of the mind or body with malice or hate.
  16. Anonymous2

    Anonymous2 Well-Known Member

    I agree. When an adult chooses to bring a child into this world, they have a responsibility to take care of that child. Not only should they look after their mental/emotional well-being, but also look after their physical well-being. In my opinion, the weight of a child is the responsibility of that child’s parent until age 14. After about age 14, the teen should have enough knowledge and understand of the world to look after their own weight…but anytime before that the parents should be trying their best to look after their child’s physical well-being.

    Some parents try to give excuses for not caring about the weight of their child. They say, “Looks don’t matter; It’s what inside that counts”. But this cliché is obsolete in the society as we know it today. Being of a healthy weight is not just about aesthetics. Being a healthy weight will improve one’s quality of life short and long-term. It has been proven that obesity is a significant risk factor for numerous health problems and chronic diseases. In addition, obese children have to be subjected to cruel teasing. When a parent chooses to indulge their child in food and only care about non-physical issues the are sentencing their child to ridicule and a plethora of health problems. Usually significant health problems from obesity don’t become apparent until one grows old, but being old and unhealthy is no fun. Instead of avoiding health problems, staying out of nursing homes, and enjoying life until age 75, for example….an obese individual quality of life may begin to deteriorate at the age of 50. They may be subject to numerous operations, years in hospitals, and painful chronic health problems that could have been avoided if their mother or father had the compassion to look after their child’s physical health.

    You may wonder why am I speaking with such passion about childhood obesity? The answer is simple. Weight is of prime importance when we are young. Children have a specific amount of fat cells…but if a child become obese these fat cells will divide yielding double the amount. Once these fat cells double they can not be destroyed. That individual will forever have twice the number of fat cells that they should. In regards to hunger these cells act independently. A half full fat cell is like a half full stomach….so when one has twice the number of fat cells they need twice the amount of substance to feel full. In other words, the newly obese child will now have to consume significantly more food to the experience the same feeling of fullness they did before their fat cells divided. Since the child will require more food to feel the same feeling of fullness, it will be permanently harder for them to lose weight as adults.
  17. alimar

    alimar Well-Known Member

    How about being Obese and having a Mental Health Condition. Add PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes to that and High Blood Pressure and I am only 30!

    What pisses me off the most is (and ironically I was only discussing this with a friend the other day) is the fact I seem to be unable to get the correct diagnosis for what is wrong.

    I am told it’s Recurrent Depression which I suspect Bipolar II or possibly BPD. I swear to god I get this constant fobbing off because of my weight.

    I think they take one long look at me and think “Yeah she’s depressed because she is fat” …

    They are so wrong, whilst I have been plagued with mood swings and anger since my teens my depression only ever kicked in during my 20’s. Since then I have through the same pattern of depression, hypomania and many many mixed episodes.

    Add that to the fact that I self harm with food – which is why I am fat!

    I swear if I walked into the PDOC or CPN I was seeing and I was a size 12 I would have no issues of getting a dx.

    I have desperately tried to get help and for someone to acknowledge but I am constantly dismissed by the professionals and I am beginning to feel like they want to play a game of “Call My Bluff” …

    I forgot to add, I have been a compulsive eater since my 20’s, I still gained weight in my teens from the age of 13 when I quit professional swimming for my county. I gained weight quite quick and my parents didn’t feed me junk and I didn’t have the money to buy it!

    My weight gain was down to PCOS when I hit puberty, but I will admit I have contributed to it in my 20’s by my need to compulsively eat.

    However since I was DX a Diabetic back in 2005 I don’t eat like I use to, if anything I pick at food now and am the complete opposite and occasionally I binge eat when I am very low.

    I have lost 38lbs this year but it’s come to a standstill over the past couple of months.
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  18. alimar

    alimar Well-Known Member

    You see that annoys me you seem to assume that parents overfeed there children. My mother is stick thin as are all her family and I was not overweight as a child.

    I was active and as I mentioned above use to swim professionally for the county till I gave up because like most teens I wanted to hang with friends and not spend my spare time in a swimming pool.

    On my father’s side the gene pool shows all big people, my dad is big, his mum his big bla bla so I think somewhere I inherited that gene. Tie that with the PCOS and bingo you gain weight mainly due to an underlying condition called Insulin Resistance.

    I was not overfed, my mother cooked home cooked food from scratch, there was no such thing as pop and biscuits in my house. We hardly ever had take aways…

    In fact in my teens I beg mum to buy some crap food, because little did I know then the cravings I got for carbs was due to Insulin Resistance – pre diabetes.
  19. Anonymous2

    Anonymous2 Well-Known Member

    Obesity can occur for a number of reasons and it can occur at any age. I’m well aware of the numerous disease and/or disorders that can cause an individual to gain weight. In that post, I was only referring to childhood obesity due to excessive consumption of unhealthy food and lack of exercise. Sorry if I offended you by not elaborating/clarifying what I was referring to.

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  20. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    Brilliant observation!!! It's like they're calling it a plague on society, something to be feared, some nameless and faceless globules that threaten our national security. It's so horrible to see people as a group "fat people," it's totally like racism in that people assume things about a person who has extra weight. As though they must have some major flaw when overeating is just another way to cope with life (just more visible to other people).
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