Obligatory Hello I'm New Thread

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Niantiel, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Niantiel

    Niantiel Active Member

    As the title says. I'm new here.
    You'll find I'm full of sarcasm and artistic thought.

    I know the site offers a fb sync but I wish to not do so. Is it normal for the site to have it's own fb-esque chat layout type?? Hopefully I did not link the two by mistake.
  2. Dikta

    Dikta Autistic.

    Hello and welcome.

    I'm also fairly new here, so I can't really answer your questions.
  3. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni

    Welcome to SF. The FB thing is fairly new. I don't use it either.
  4. Rockclimbinggirl

    Rockclimbinggirl SF climber Staff Member Safety & Support

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Hi, the Facebook option is only activated if you enter details in "External Accounts" option on the setup.