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Yah, so I quit my job the last week of October because I've been real depressed and here we are like over a month later and I feel as listless, directionless and hopeless as I did then.

Friends and parents have tried to tell me I have so much to live for but they never have any concrete reasons that I should live. They also say "your problems will get better" without ever being able to offer one possible way to fix them.

I can pay my rent for the next month and probably coast on my savings but i don't even want to do that. I just want oblivion.

jane doe

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i will tell you only one thing...i think you shouldn´t kill yourself because you can´t pay. i think that you should think about what kind of person are you, and if you were told that by family or friends, you have the most important reason to still alive... you have people who loves you, and that they care about you. Every kind of problem can be solved, i don´t know how either, but if you have friends and family they will suport you for ever, and they will try to find anyway to help you. i´m here if you need to talk anytime. take care
Depression does not go away on it's own very easily...it does go away...quicker with treatment. It makes life hard...have you tried to see a therapist? A lot of therapist work on sliding scales and some towns have centers that will help out with people with no income.
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