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Observations Of My Anime Con

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So this weekend I attended NDK 15. It was a good time. Much more like the original times I had before I wussed out. You know, not eating.. living on water, sleeping for less than 4 hours a night, and wondering if that girl in the bra and mini-skirt is at least 18. Good times, however, this time around I noticed some new this time around.

For starters my social anxiety found other outlets. Even though I was with friends. I was still socially anxious. For starters my shoulders were so tense that they were actually sore. Seriously, when I relaxed my shoulders they hurt like all hell. Second, there was the fact that I found myself hunching... almost leaning forward at times. It was kind of weird.

Second my friends hinder me a bit... now... anyway. Last year, I was not really ready to go out on my own. This year I am more confident. I would have been able to at least fake my way through dancing at the various dancing events. You know, actually dance with the ones who clearly eyed me and danced towards me. However, my friend were there. That made me scared to attempt to change. There were plenty of chances for me to change. Like every time a girl said "OMG Dr Stein, can I have a hug" :hug:.... which was nice. I clearly made my friend jealous. After all, no women were randomly giving him hugs. Anyway, I could have flirted with them further... had I not been afraid.

My friends got in the way even when I was alone, my friends were in my way. One time I was looking for my friends. A couple of girls confronted me for hugs. They even tried to talk to me. Complementing my cosplay, we shared small banter about my costume and cosplay in general. However, deep down inside I was FREAKING OUT!!! I kept on trying to find a smooth exit.... :( but I had a hard time.... too bad... they were cute... I could have made friends.

Overall though I think this year was an improvement. I found that having one or two drinks is enough to kill a lot of those annoying barriers. After even one drink I felt a GREAT deal more social. Which was weird, but at the same time nice... makes me think twice about my no drinking period, when I have to drive... though I doubt I will repeal that.

Overall, it was a fun weekend... it could have only been better if I hit on the cute asian who did her best to look like a stereotypical otaku. >_< She was so super cute... :( probably taken... oh well now I will never know...


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glad your weekend went ok FM...
sounds like you're working on your socializing and seeing improvements..
watch out next time girls :smile::hug:
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