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  1. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I was roving around online, then I read something about the Houston Mass Murders, gruesome killings that occurred in the early '70s. Ever since then, I've been having obsessive thoughts, putting myself in the victim's place, just scaring myself senseless. When I read disturbing stuff like this, it makes me want to stop watching horror movies because reality is 100 times more gut wrenching. I'm a naturally morose person, but this is going too far. What can I do to get this nightmare out of my head? It makes me more suicidal that evil scum like this have walked the earth. Has this ever happened to you when you can't stop thinking about something so grotesque? And if you check out the story yourself and it gives you nightmares, I apologize in advance.
  2. Acy

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    Hiya, pit. Sorry you're in the grips of that. If something upsets me to that degree, I look for life-affirming things, even as small as watching squirrels frolic, birds at a feeder, puppies playing, small toddlers toddling...We can seek and find good things in the world if we look.
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  4. Daphna

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    Reality can be scary and sad. I use it to fule my zeal and purpose for sharing Yahweh's saving plan with the world. He I is making a new one, and He made this one just to save those who want something better. You see Yahweh knew the evil this world was going to commit, but He also knew that certain individuals would stop being evil if they were given a second chance. So He sent His Son Yahshua to come and enlighten the world to end the confusion and suffering, and to make a way for us all to escape the enevitable end that is sure to come.
    Yahweh's word describes the world to come and it is so beautiful! No death, suffering or aging. Everything lives in peace and eats vegetables and herbs. Everyone treats one another in sincere brotherly love uncorrupted by greed or jealousy. There is a call right now for those who want this second chance to turn their lives to Yahweh and to learn His ways and to teach everyone before the end. When the Messiah returns we will rule beside Him and teach the remaining people of the world then to get a small taste of 1000 yr of peace. Once everything is restored the enemy will be released to mislead the world again and he will be destroyed for good halleluYah! Pray for enlightenment and read the Bible front to back. All your questions will be answered. HalleluYah. After all we suffer because we do not know Yahweh and are tricked into living as His enemy and are cursed by our ignorance. It can be changed into a blessing by our actions and choices.
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    I'm going to try and stay out of other sources of inspiration and just say how I deal with it. :)

    I used to be oddly paranoid (not in the same manner as you perhaps) when I was younger. Like bordering to where I felt I was just driving myself insane. Somewhere along the lines of just growing up (not implying you have not grown up) I somehow just adapted what I'd like to call the roller-coaster theory :-D (so childish! see maybe I didn't grow up at all!)

    The Roller-Coaster Theory
    It's basically the same theory you'll find in already existing theories that have been well worked out philosophically (if you've seen fight club it's sort of like when Brad Pitt's character Tyler Durden threatens to shoot a store manager with a gun, not actually having any bullets in it).

    When you ride a roller-coaster the initial scare comes from when you're on-top and just about to make the downward slope. You crap yourself on the way down but afterwards you get the effect of the adrenaline that was shot out. It feels sort of cheap but I actually consider most of my fears as a roller-coaster. I can't cope with life properly if I don't understand that there's something beyond the fear and that the fear itself is more damaging if you're observing from far above.

    Hope that gave a bit of insight and that you'll find a way to not obsess in your near-future :)

    - M
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