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My work is referring me to Occ Health. In theory it's not something I should have a problem with. Apparently my work is "less consistent" and I'm not accepting feedback well and I've expressed anxiety about upsetting other people (which is a big thing for me).

But my real worry is... I've opened the door. Work was always a protective factor and I worked hard not to let issues "cross over". I never wanted to take time out for MH because I wanted it to be separate. But now I've shared a fair amount with my manager during this time because I've had few others to talk to and what if I've opened the flood gates and I'll never be able to get back to pre-covid "consistency" or whatever. I'll now, forever, I'll be the girl who can't control herself or her emotions. What if I'll never have the confidence to make my own decisions and I'll always be running to my Manager in a panic?

Or, what if I get worse and worse in my job... and I lose it?? What the hell would I do then?
Sometimes 'Opening the door' is a scary thing, but can lead to much positive later on. Try not to doubt yourself so much, but at the same time realize failure/disappointment can be real things and try to prepare before and if they happen. Learning to stand on one's own takes time, constant practice, ups and downs, but girl it is achievable and wonderful once you do.

Let's come to your last question though, and assume all does go wrong. What would you do? Then you'll move on, you'll find something else, this site will be here, etc. No one knows their future, but to live in fear of negative possibilities can be a scourge in itself. I had no idea how I was going to get through this year at the beginning of it, and here I am now somehow. Did the same thing a year ago also... One step at a time, do the best you can and we'll be in your corner. peace


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OH are there to help you and support you to stay at work. They may make some adjustments to your workload temporarily until you are able to work at your current level again.
OH are there to help you and support you to stay at work. They may make some adjustments to your workload temporarily until you are able to work at your current level again.
Yes, as I say, it's not so much the OH referral that's bothering me, as the concern that I might never be able to get back to my 'normal' level. Or that, having started, I might never be able to stop myself from running, panicking to my manager because I can't control my reactions. Or that, now that I've gone and told them, I'll never be able to shake the stigma that I know shouldn't be there but I'm not naiive enough to think doesn't exist...


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Do you think that — getting ahold of, or some kind of management of these feelings of insecurity (or whatever you want to call them in relation to work), as well as whatever nervousness, or just nerves in general is a good place to start - or the key to getting a grip or handle on things (for you)?

I can understand the concern for inadequacy, and the thoughts of self-defeat that may come along with this. However, it is a distorted way to (or of) think(ing). . . In other words, logically or rationally speaking — looking at it, there is no reason to be viewing things through that prism, as opposed to: “what if everything suddenly turned on its head (I was magically, “cured!” - or whatever you’d wish to consider it?) & you were able to resume normal work performance and output??

Or... (better yet & perhaps more realistically) - what if you got the treatment necessary in order for you to function at a level which is totally and completely satisfactory to you? Whether that be medication / therapy / O. T. - etc. it can be very easy to get stuck in the territory (negative) that come s along with the defeatist-type thinking involved with the “worst-case” scenarios & “what if’s,” in terms what could go wrong; when in reality it could be just as possible, equally as likely an outcome or to happen, that you are able to reverse this.

Anyway, that’s just my ridiculous & absurd thoughts 💭 no doubt mostly rooted in absolutely nothing beyond some really bitter coffee ☕️ (that is actually putting me to sleep..;)) take care & I wish you well- ( :

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