OCD type compulsions when stressed

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I more fully developed OCD when I started taking an ADD / ADHD medication.. Once I got off of that medication a lot of my OCD symptoms subsided, but I still have one that kinda gets in the way every now and again when I'm stressed..

I'm not sure if I should consider it self harm or what, but I tend to pick at the scabs on my scalp when I'm really stressed and can't find another way to cope in the present. I don't pull hair out or anything, just scratch at it.

Does anyone else have this behavior?


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hey swifty :D Its probably an after effect of the medication still. It can take years for your brain chemistry to return to normal if you have taken adhd meds even on low doses. I got scabs on my head and eyebrows and long after not taking it i was compelled to pick them for about 2 years after ! Id try to leave them as much as you can so they heal honey if you can > Always much love for you !!!

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Sounds like dermatillomania (skin picking) to me. It's an Impulse Control Disorder, linked to OCD, but not an OCD, just the same family of conditions. It's likely to be triggered by stress and anxiety, so anything you can do to distract yourself at those times will help.



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Thanks guys.. Just been doing it a lot recently and under a lot of stress right now.. Trying not to. I do hope it eventually goes away shadowgirl. Thanks for the info. :)
I have the same problem. Whenever I get stressed I pick at my lips, nails, and my head. It just calms me down, and when I'm stressed I automatically do it without thinking about it.
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