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  1. Youlleatamuffinandlikeit

    Youlleatamuffinandlikeit Well-Known Member


    My head on a barrage of light wave floats
    Caught somewhere between steaming ship
    And sinking boat
    Astern is heavy threatens to flip
    Darkness a cup, you’ve more than sipped
    Many the storms you’ve fought and weathered
    Internal compass strong and leathered
    Sailing now the final journey
    To be built or wilt
    The passage burning

    Through untold waters with eerie depth
    Battling monsters black, with fear they wept
    Current strong and ever changing
    Summoned demons ripe and ever blaming
    You have to kill dark voodoo fish
    Before it can grant a dying wish
    Nattering piranhas that guzzle sense
    Must be gutted and bid to silence
    Throughout the voyage I lay in bandages
    Starving heart surviving on sandwiches
    Beleaguered ship with lance for a mast
    Sailing towards balance and release from past
    Until at dawn I raise at last
    And scream out at confounded sea,
    “Release me”

    There is but one final voyage
    Into waters full of spoilage
    This is the ocean of the heart
    Love is a tide ever dark
    There is no map for this journey
    It depends entirely on a will less surly
    Now all I have is tender hope
    On you rests life
    Or death rope

    ~ Muffin
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Such a interesting poem hun takes one on the journey with you excellent poem hun
  3. TheRunaway

    TheRunaway Active Member

    I absolutely love your writing - it's filled with amazing imagery and emotion. Lovely write and writer.
  4. Youlleatamuffinandlikeit

    Youlleatamuffinandlikeit Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much. I always write straight from the heart and try to suck the reader into my world.
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