OD on cipralex?

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Not sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong place.. sorry.
Just wondering if you can xxxXXXThanks :)
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Well this is a pro life forum so no one here will give out methods as to way in which to hard yourself in anyway. An OD on anything can be dangerous. I would reccomend it at all.


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I'm just asking.. Haven't got any plans to kill myself.. Atleast not until i've been on the stuff for a few weeks if it doesn't work..
I know your just asking hun, it just that could be seen as giving out methods. But as i said before ODing on any type of medication is very dangerous and i wouldn't recommend it at all. I ODed on anti-depressants last night and i feel absolutely crap, i feel so ill. I really wouldn't reccomend feeling like this.


Seams to be the conssensus with almost all people who I have known to od, including myself, it is extrememly painful and not worth the effort.. and I do agree.. this is to open and close to methodology for the sf I think..
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