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OD on pills last week

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My wife thought I was having a stroke, I am a recovering alcoholic/addict.
Many people would call this a relapse---I don't think so because they were a bunch of anti-psychotics.
She didn't call an ambulance but probably should have. I lose so much time already from PTSD.
Tonight it is starting again
I did end up resigning my proffessional job and am involved in some bad activities that are very legal but against my morals.
I am heading to HELL and my wife doesn't know anything about how bad things have really got---I just wanted to get honest with someone....If it is a relapse---I am going out quick. i see a therapist for tons of sexual trauma----I am so tired---been to many very good hospitals but I also worked in this field and know the outcomes are not good.
Thaanks for being there for me!!:ghost:
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If you work in the field, then you know that these acts can be very dangerous...is there a therapist with whom you can be honest? Also, are you involved in some 'bad'activities because of the shame you feel? I did many 'bad' things because it served to define me as a bad person, something I felt and needed to prove. Also, are you safe? If not, please get the medical attention you need.
My best friend suffered from PTSD, and we had many conversations I felt helped the both of us, but he ultimately found strength from his family. Still, it was not enough to fully allow him to deal. He needed help from a therapist and medication. Don't let Semper Fi, or whatever, dissuade you from becoming happy.
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