Ode to My Scars

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    I have a lot of scars from a lot of different events in my life. My upper back and shoulders have some really deep, visible scars, even though I've disguised them with tattoos. I've stopped worrying about hiding most of them, but every once in awhile I catch someone staring at the gym where they're most visible.

    Ode to My Scars

    We all are islands, I’ve heard it said,
    Closed as oysters, distant as stars,
    Books that can be only glimpsed, not read.
    For me, you need only read my scars.
    Like ink on parchment, this lattice lace
    Can speak to those who know my art,
    For arm or breast or battered face
    The secrets of my soul impart.
    Some by careless chance were laid,
    And others written on my skin
    By friend or foe with brand or blade
    Or sharper knives that cut within.
    And some I etched with my own hand
    Because I knew no other way
    To endure the earthly plight of man
    And keep the falling dark at bay.
    So when, by chance, your gaze does fall
    On marked flesh and hardened eye,
    Think then on this, be not appalled,
    For one day you could be as I.
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    Very good one :)
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