Ode to the Reaper

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    heres a poem I wrote today real quick. Dunno if its suicidal or what lol the words just flowed outta me and there it was lol. So here it is I hope you enjoy and constructive criticism is appreciated.

    Darkness heightens senses
    Sight lost forever
    Grayness surounds like
    Quick wisps of smoke
    Pulling me to the depths of hell

    Face turn to the mirror
    Skeletal figure looks back
    Death upon my shoulders
    A sinners last breath

    The reaper takes me
    Through the road of death
    No comforting words
    You will burn for your sins

    Sweet bitter taste of death
    Upon my mouth
    Deaths soft kiss
    And the cold embrace

    Set to wait in darkness
    Soul restless on earth
    Grieving for that life
    One man who took his own

    Hear me oh spirits
    Take my last confession
    Of a cold sinner
    Cary me with your wings
    To the sweet bitter death

    No more comforting words
    From a sinner himself
    But only a sin himself
    To bring me to the end
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.