Of Angel and Vulgar

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    I used to have this very good friend
    But he screw me, so he is my fiend
    He was once the friendly Mr. Mitch,
    but right now he's a son of a bitch!

    There is a pretty girl I used to know
    Butidiotic I am, got terribly screwed!
    They say first cut is the deepest cut
    Yeah, even worst got cut by a slut!

    That bloody fool is one twisted fuck!
    Everything about him totally sucked!
    He is full of shit about and stupid lust
    Aahaa..his sorry ass I'm sure to bust!

    There comes the old bitchy prositute
    Yeah, well, at least she's still so cute
    Ptttuuuiiiii....it makes me wanna puke!
    Damn..sorry for being so fucking rude!

    I think I'm a bad and ill mannered guy
    Moreover, I always tell all sorts of lies
    Also I have made so many people cry
    Sigh..I swear I will change or I will die

    So here is my oath to be a better man;
    I swear I'll change or I'll be goddamned!
    Oh fuck! Did I just say something vulgar?
    No no no no...I just dupe all ya suckas!
  2. Blackness

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    well its good to vent!
  3. expressive_child

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    I sometimes write something crappy when I am mad of someone or something cos it helps a lot! Haha..