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Of course.

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I basically had the worst week ever.
I had to go on a class trip with people I really hate.
I spent the whole week freaking out about covering my arms.
I barely ate anything, and almost passed out during the day. But when I came home I found that I had lost no weight. So I broke down crying.
And then I got trapped underwater for 30 seconds, and I thought I was going to die. I was so....ready. And then someone pulled me up. And god, I wish they didn't.
I couldn't stop thinking about killing myself the whole time. I'm so fucking ugly, honestly, I don't even think anyone would really care if I left.

And now I'm off to go to get new medication and go to therapy.


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I'm sorry you had such a rough time. I know you feel defeated about the weight thing. I've been trying for almost 3 months now wasnt losing but wasnt gaining either. Then bam, started gaining even after not really eating much. It really hurts because it feels like your own body is against you.

I hope things are getting a little better or that atleast you are feeling a little better. Here if you want to talk. Give the meds and therapy a chance. They arent a quick fix but if you give them a chance, they can help :arms:
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