Off for the blade...

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by titanic, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    I hate myself and want to cut and bleed...

    The blade is calling my name, begging me to use it, egging me on
  2. xXWhateverItTakesXx

    xXWhateverItTakesXx Forum Buddy

    Hey hun

    Please don't cut :hug:

    I know its hard to fight it, but I KNOW you can. I'm here for you too :hug:
  3. magz74

    magz74 Well-Known Member

    i no how u feel my blades call my name every day..i know have took up otha methods too...things r getting if u wanna chat
  4. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    The voices were getting to me last night. I started to panic and fratically started to look for things to do.
    I done the washing up, then took some pills but I avoided cutting phew...! I don't want the scars.
    I had sickness and the runs in the night, coz I'd taken all my meds. :sad:

    Thanx 4 the replies x
  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Fight the urge to cut titanic. Try doing something else to keep yourself busy.
  6. xXWhateverItTakesXx

    xXWhateverItTakesXx Forum Buddy

    Hun, hope you are ok


    And well done for not cutting! :smile:
  7. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    Hi Sizzoragame, thanx for chatting to me on msn last night it really helped.
    Plus, to carry on typing on my keyboard gave me something to do with my hands whilst
    the urge to cut was there.

    Thanx for all the hugs you sent me on msn. x
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