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off to the docs.

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well today i decided im going to make an apointment on monday for the docs to see if they can help. Iv never quite felt right, always a bit shy, quiet, in a wierd way not minding my own company but at the same time hating to be alone. Ive been really down lately so i think its maybe time to seek help. Its strange though becuase for me this is normal but i know that the anxiety i always feel in my tummy shouldnt be, the burning ball of anger and emotion that i get in my chest when i get upset shouldn be normal. Its horible to think that sometimes i dnt wana get up, i dnt wana do anything. Id happily crawl into a dark room and stay their if i could. Who knows maybe the doctor will show me the brighter side to life?
I hope so
me too, hes not the best doctor in the world which is why ive been putting it off for a long time but maybe this time hel prove me wrong. Tryn to be optomistic, could also be a way of moving forward
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