Oh baby

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    Oh baby,baby baby baby.Hot baby,smart baby,wise baby.
    Whey iz you?
    I know I am a loony and you don't give a fuck about me,I know.
    I know I don't even have the strength to smash up my computer in a rage.
    That's a good thing right?
    I know you read all my rubbish but that is your choice and a bad one at that and it is like wanting to see me so you stick your head out of my toilet when I am taking a poo.
    I didn't alienate you.
    I'm not an alien and I don't hate you.
    Of course I apply pressure,it is a tourniquet on my babbling brook of a heart...aaaaargh,squeal baby squeal!
    I would crawl over donuts to get to you...AND I LOVE DONUTS!!!!!!
    I would not willingly see one harmed.

    Of course I obey the laws of Ernest Bourgnine,we all do.
    of course I am controlled by the physical forces that fling the rock about in a landslide,we all are.
    I cry so hard through my mouth that I sound like a washed up Donald duck asking for more gruel please.
    You know that?
    (What's with that?)

    wot wid dat?

    BAaaaAAaaaAaaAaby!!!!!!Let this creep slide up on to the throne next to you and let's destroy this meaningless little planet one cop at a time.
    By cop I mean spaghetti.
    You know,like the vegetable lasagna.

    Lets make love so fast sonically that we sexmorph into a being called "Clive".
    He says "hiya" and waves at strangers a whole lot.
    he's so trusting.
    lets take him for a walk.